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Earn $18/hr working the jobs you want, when you want

What is Sweeps

For Job Posters

Thousands of job posters trust Sweeps to connect them with the right college students to get jobs done.  From moving to web design to weddings, and just about anything else.

For Sweepers

Accept jobs posted through Sweeps, set your schedule, and get paid a minimum of $18/hr.

How it Works

It is free and easy to join Sweeps

1. Apply and create your profile
Video Camera
2. Complete a phone or video interview
3. Work the jobs you want, and get paid automatically.
4. Earn great reviews to Level Up and get more jobs.


1. What is Sweeps?
Sweeps is a platform connecting college students with people who need help getting things done. Over 600 students have worked for over 2,000 job posters, from Fortune 100 companies to local charities.

2. What is the pay?
Sweepers are guaranteed at least $18 per hour along with any gratuity, travel and equipment bonuses.

3. Is Sweeps at my campus?
Sweeps is seeking college students at campuses everywhere!  You can always work virtual jobs, and by joining you will help us get to your town even faster.

4. Do I have to be a college student?
There is no risk for anyone to apply, but applicants not affiliated with a college/university may be denied.

5. What kind of jobs do you work?
Just about anything. We help people and businesses¬†move, clean, at events, with yard work, build websites, braid hair, bartend, walk dogs, deliver breakfast, do research and …

6. Can I work whenever I want?
Yes. Sweeps is designed with college students in mind so we understand variable schedules and summer vacations. Some Sweepers work daily, some weekly, some less.

7. How do I get work?
Jobs are broadcast by email and text, and you just login to your Sweeper dashboard to compete for the ones you want. We award jobs to the Sweepers that are “best fit” based on experience, reviews, how fast you reply, and other factors.